An afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium


Mike’s sister was in town for the day, so we headed to the Seattle Aquarium. I haven’t been here since college, when Mike and I were first dating and I was taking a biology class that required going to the aquarium on our own to explore. It’s changed a lot since then, or maybe now that I have two children, I can’t simply stroll into any tourist location and enjoy the exhibits at a leisurely pace. Now instead of asking sweetly, “Do you want to go to a bar, honey?” it’s a full-belly yell: “PLEASE DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS! THIS IS THEIR HOME!”










The best part was finally getting a family photo, maybe we’re not looking at the camera and maybe we’re more into chokeholds, but here we are.

How was your weekend?

Lately, in images


We had a date night at Marination Ma Kai in West Seattle. Kimchee fried rice with kalbi beef, spicy pork tacos and Hawaiian Mac salad with spam. You have to order spam. It’s the only way to go.


“Grandma, if you have a bad dream, just remember it’s not real and I’m thinking of you.”


TJ has been loving this high ramen diet my mom has been feeding him every day. When she leaves, he’ll go back to his regular day care where he won’t get video games and all the food in the fridge. None of us are looking forward to that transition.

“Can they just remove the bad words?!” -My mom, on Facebook’s posts

I finally bought a CNMI flag! So now people will ask even more questions about where I’m from because apparently NO ONE HAS A WORLD MAP.

I performed at a fundraiser for Kitty Harbor. I made a cat video!

Hope you’ve been well, friends.

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