My kid’s first haircut at Gene Juarez

Gene Juarez is really well known here in the Pacific Northwest. When I was in college, I splurged on a cut and full color and when people would ask where I had my hair done, I yelled, “GENE JUAREZ!” the way I do now whenever the cashier asks if it’ll be credit or debit. “OH IT’LL BE DEBIIIIIIIIT!” Then I do a dance because I had enough liquid funds to buy chewing gum and a Bud Light Mango-rita.

So when I was offered to try out a kid’s haircut at one of the Gene Juarez locations, I thought immediately of my Nathan and said yes right away. He has the best hair of any of us: thick and luscious with gorgeous golden glints, the kind that I wish I had but only can look at fondly because I managed to birth something so beautiful.

The Seattle location at the University Village is gorgeous and sleek, a place I wouldn’t think of bringing my son because he is a young boy who talks about the fart society and how they are recruiting members.  When we arrived, we were already having a frazzled morning but everyone was nice to us, even the beautiful lady who held the door open for us while my kids took forever to waddle in. I had meant to leave my four-year-old at home but the child doth protest too much and the mother was too weak-willed to say no. This left my older kid in. a. mood.


His stylist Stella was super sweet, despite this kid not saying a word or cracking a smile. I tried to explain that he didn’t want his brother there, he was a little hungry and the well of an eight-year-old’s emotions run so deeeeeep.


She smiled and patiently talked to Nathan about what he wanted. Because he took a vow of silence and joined some grumpy kid monkhood, she and I talked about what cleaning up the sides but leaving it long on top.


I think Stella should be named Saint because she was exactly that to my son–friendly and attentive.  Performing the miracles of making his hair look gorgeous despite someone acting like I had sent him to prison. A fancy prison where inmates are offered water and coffee and robes and get their hair washed.


Look at how terrible his life is!  What an existence!


The whole process lasted less than an hour, which included my grabbing the four-year-old before ran into the other nice people. A quick haircut that made my handsome little boy even more dashing. I thanked Stella profusely for being so patient and attentive despite my eight-year-old being not elated to receive a free hair cut in such a nice place.


He finally smiled once we left. “I was shy,” he explained. Oh my son.



I would definitely take my kids there (both of them!) another time. I wasn’t rushed or punished for bringing these feral creatures and everyone seemed intent on giving us a great experience and my firstborn a great new look. To schedule an appointment for your child (and you!) call 425.373.3700.
I received a free haircut for my son in exchange for a review. This review is 100% my own opinion.



Jay-Z and Beyonce On The Run tour in Seattle


I attended the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Seattle last week.  Along with all the coolest people in the world. I stuck out like the one flower in a bouquet that you pull out because it’s wilting wayyyy too fast.  Like everyone around me was a fresh beautiful flower with perky petals that haven’t breastfed two monster mouthed kids and there I was, the bouquet from the Faces of Meth shop.

It was a huge event, the second concert to be held at the baseball stadium.  I am a very neurotic person because my mother was neurotic so when a concert starts at 8PM, I want to be there at 8PM the night before.  What if there’s no parking?! What if we lose the tickets?  What if someone calls me fatty-fatty-fatso-can’t-get-through-the-bathroom-window?


And then the cycle of what if’s continue until I find an expensive beer that helps calm those fears.


The brewery across the street had the longest line to the ladies room.  The girls behind me were strategizing with each other, “Are you going to pee or just look at the mirror?!”  And there was no soap so I offered some of these young ladies hand sanitizer and another one my Tide to Go pen when she noticed a stain because even in the coolest place on earth, I am the mommest mom ever to mom it up. Luckily, my highwaisted jeans have big pockets for all the supplies I’ll need.  Gather around girls, no one is getting any germs when I’m here!


You know, this actually doesn’t sound too bad of a price for one parking spot.  We paid $35 nearby.  A block before it had been $15 and there were donuts for sale. I could have bought a lot of donuts.


I also met up for a bit with my friend Rachel Gabrielle.  You cannot tell in this photo, but I am standing on my tippy toes so she doesn’t look like a giant and I don’t look like a little hobbit.  I only look part-hobbit in this.  I’m in the Shire some months of the year. But Rachel is still as beautiful as ever and I had so much fun talking to her about Bey and Jay.

When I entered, some people were passing out pamphlets about the dangers of eating meat.  Luckily, there was a recycling bin at teh entrance and I tossed mine immediately.  There was a very beautiful young lady who looked at me and said, “Oh I feel the same way.” and I yelled back, “YOU ALSO ATE TOO MUCH OF A BURGER?!” and then she turned around so my crazy old lady vibes wouldn’t ruin her night.


I loved the people-watching, especially at the ground level below where people paid wayyyyy more for tickets that didn’t include obstructed views. There was a special pit from the cognac D’usse which I kept saying, “Oh these rich peeps with Dooooo-saayyyy, looking good trying to get some pooooo-saayyyyy!”  MC MONA! making people feel uncomfortable since ever since.


The show started about an hour late, but once it did, I couldn’t help screaming, “OH MY GOD!  NO, I’M OKAY! I’M OKAY!  NO, I’M NOT! AHHHHHHH!”


This woman is an ICON.  I’ve loved Beyonce back when she was in Destiny’s Child, opening her fridge for MTV Cribs then saying no because, “It ain’t neat!”  There weren’t any songs from that period, but it was okay.  I love her voice.  I love her moves.  I love how her hair flows in the wind and now I know that to look that good, I’ll have to get some stadium-powered fans to follow me everywhere.


The number one fashion trend: short denim cut-offs, crop top and a flannel print shirt tied around the waist.  Way to be unique, ladies!  I’ve only seen SEVENTY MILLION of you!


I do have to applaud all the young ladies and their super awesome shoe game.  The heels were high and FIERCE.  Even though, my mom side would say, “Pack some flats, girls.  This is a stadium!  There are stairs!”


As people exited the stadium, I noticed a lot of angry faces, maybe from the pain of stilettos and platform wedges. And then there were others who just took off their heels and succumbed to the barefoot walk on the dirty Seattle streets until they got to their car and headed home to wash those blackened feet.

Overall, it was a phenomenal, religious experience.  I just had my iphone which is terrible for long shots, especially from my far off distance.  I found this video above, which highlights the best part of the concert: the home movies.  I know there are a lot of rumors about a potential split, but I don’t buy into that.  Even if they are performers and this is what they work so hard to showcase, I saw some sweet moments.  Her flag dress train wrapped around her for a bit  because of all the fans and he held it while she sang, “Halo.” And oh man, the way she sang Halo is how I feel about love and being in love.  I am rooting for love, for two people in such a crazy world like this to find each other and fall in love and then go on the run like it’s the two of you against the world.

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