Snow Cap Sips at Pyramid Brewery

Snow Cap Sips

Seattle may be a coffee city, but its beer game is strong and last week I got to play with the pros. I joined fellow bloggers and drank beer in the heart of Seattle: Pyramid Alehouse. Pyramid Breweries are an institution in the Pacific Northwest but even with their long history of making beer lovers happy, they’re still inventing bold flavors and their downtown alehouse is the perfect place to flirt with their new ideas.

snow cap sips

Barrel-Aged Snow Cap, Ditto Session IPA, and Super Snow Cap

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Snow Cap, Pyramid Breweries launched the Snow Cap, Super Snow Cap and the limited release, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Snow Cap.  These are strong, hearty beers which are called “winter warmers.” You need a winter warmer to get through a cold city like this, where a drop of icy rain can feel like a cold bucket of water on your back. Beer can solve so many weather problems (on a hot day! on a cold day! on a day when I wore too many layers!) and the Snow Cap trio can definitely carry us all through the long winter ahead.


I was surprised at how much I loved these flavors. Normally I opt for lighter beers, cheap beers and beers that are one step up from drinking a hose from the back of your house. I have a long history of disappointing bartenders and servers with orders that sound like I have the palate of a college sophomore and I was ready to arm myself with something new to say and a new beer to scope out the next time my kids leave me alone long enough to saunter through the grocery store beer aisle.

selfie with beer

I stepped out of my cheap beer comfort zone to experience the good stuff in a place where kind people were happy to let me sit and sip and of course, take selfies.


We got a quick tour of the brewery. Mike, our guide who loves beer as much as he loves the Chicago cubs. I learned more about the history of Pyramid, how the brewing process works and that east of the mountains, Washington grows 75% of the nation’s hops.


Hot wort!


I’m hoping this tax determination tank really just tells me I don’t owe any taxes. And pours me a beer instead.

M shot

I stepped into this magical palace of BEER! Which were all labeled with M. I forgot to ask what M means and I’m just going to assume that they all meant Mona and this paradise was for me.


It was also lovely to bump into Julia from Style and Cheek who pretty much owns Snapchat. I need like seventeen filters to look as good. Plus a photoshopped face over my face.


The Super Snow Cap was my favorite. I could definitely taste the caramel and chocolate notes and I loved the flavor so much, I didn’t want to see the bottom of the glass. The Super Snow Cap, Ditto Session IPA and Barrel-Aged Snow Cap definitely had a Game of Thrones vibe. The Ditto Session was lighter, like in the bright land of Dorne with the Snow Caps meant for the North. You’ll need something strong to handle the beasts and wars and weird marriages and wedding receptions that aren’t Instagram worthy. I can’t fit the Irone Throne in my house, but I wouldn’t mind a kingdom full of these fine bottles.



So if you see me at Pyramid Alehouse downtown, be sure to say hi and let’s get a beer and a selfie of us. I’ll be sure to let you pick out the filters. Cheers!

For more info on Pyramid Breweries and their line of beers, check out their website and follow them on twitter at @pyramidbrew.


If you’re in Seattle, definitely check out the Pyramid Alehouse next week! To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Snow Cap and kick off winter, Pyramid is hosting its Snow Cap Party on Saturday, November 12, to benefit Northwest Avalanche Center. Get snowed-in with live performances by Robert Delong and The Colourist, as well as winter wonderland experiences before and during the show. Tickets will be available at the door, or to buy in advance for $28.

Wayson’s Working Binder

I’m not a big fan of the United airplanes I took on my way home to Saipan this summer. There were no in-flight tv screens or even a tv screen in the aisle so we could all watch “We Bought a Zoo” or some inane movie like that. The United app had some shows on it, but that meant you had to have a smart phone and some way to charge it throughout the flight because there was only outlet between two seats and had to be shared.

On the flight from San Francisco to Hawaii, the man next to me, a business guy named Wayson, used it without asking or acknowledging that I might need it as well. How do I know his name was Wayson? Because he had a mega-binder with a page tucked in the front sleeve that read: WAYSON’S WORKING FOLDER. No page in that folder included how to be aware of anyone else.

When we landed in Hawaii, a flight attendant said that if you’re connecting to another island, to take the Wiki-Wiki shuttle. On my way out, I asked, when you say, “island,” does that also mean “Guam”? And the flight attendant rolled her eyes at me like I had just asked which was smaller: the plankton stuck on a whale’s tooth or this Stroopwafel cookie United Airlines tries to make me believe is a luxury. Put it on your coffee! Warm it up! It’s a treat!

This is a cookie, not a ride at Disneyland. This wasn’t smuggled in the cloth folds of a Mercedarian nun’s habit so I could enjoy the fine baked magic from some thatch roofed home in a European forest. This is a cookie from the cookie factory that doesn’t make me forget that I have to pay for my own meals in economy. Even though it’s a transpacific flight that’s over four hours long.

When the flight attendant did stop rolling her eyes so they wouldn’t fall back into the recesses of her empty skull and marble around that hollow space until they landed in the small mass of cells mimicking a brain, she said, flatly, “You’ll have to ask the gate agent.”

I walked into the small, packed waiting area of the United gate and I couldn’t find any TVs anywhere. There were no electronic displays that announced what flights were coming in, when flights were leaving. I saw something that looked like a shuttle outside but I had no clue what was what. It was hot, there was too much and when I looked for a gate agent, there were none to be found. So I walked around, thinking that technology would be somewhere. But I didn’t. Not in the area I landed. I couldn’t find anyone else I had traveled with for the past few hours, even Wayson! How I wanted to see Wayson and his binder and ask something like, how did that working binder work for you and WHERE DO I GO, WAYSON?!

I walked around and found an agent at another gate and I asked, where do I go for the United flights and she rolled her eyes again, like the international sign that I’m taking up too much air space, and said, “Oh I wouldn’t know. I WORK FOR QUANTAS. There’s a TV down there.” Which I wanted to say, nope, there wasn’t because I came from the past and unless there was an installation in the past 10 minutes, I knew there would be no TVs. Though I did love her accent because it made the shade less knifing. Like I was being insulted on a New Zealand soap opera!

So I started to panic. We didn’t have a lot of time left before the next flight and I didn’t want to miss it. My United app hadn’t updated me with any gate information. So I called my sister and gave up on “Hello, how are you sister?” and went with, “BOBB I THINK I’M DYING!” She asked me a bunch of questions, though none of them about my last will and testament and what I want on my tombstone (pepperoni and sausage!) and told me she would call me back with some information. I walked back to the United gate I landed in (they were announcing another flight, not mine to Guam. Not my flight!)

I found a rich couple yelling at a gate agent so I stood in line behind them so I could do the “I’m not listening to this but I am because it feels good to listen to someone else’s problems.” I knew they were rich because the man kept yelling about how much his wife’s sandals cost and how undignified it was to be denied boarding even though these were way too big for her feet and they cost a lot of money. “These are EIGHTEEN-HUNDRED DOLLARS!,” he yelled. “LOOO-BOOO-TAWWWWN!” I’ve never had any Louboutin anything, but they were ugly. Like duct tape shreds around a dirty mouse pad. 

But I get the cheap thrill of announcing how much money you have. Whenever a cashier asks me if I’m paying with credit or debit, you had better believe I am American Idol winner belting out a, “Ohhhh that’lll be DEBIIIIIIIIT!”

Finally another agent appeared and I asked what gate was the flight to Guam and he shot back, “It’s this gate. You’re early.” I called my sister back, let her know I would be on this earth a little longer and I went to the sad Quiznos for a sandwich. But I bought some Hawaiian chips because those are delicious no matter where you are and waited for the next flight to take me closer to home.  

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