Thanksgiving with Mona

I love Thanksgiving. I love the food. I love the merriment. I love the stress of figuring out how much turkey and how much ham and who is vegan and who is just vegan because they’re trying to show off to the internet–which was me for three weeks–how do I show off to the internet now?! I can’t make crafts and my fashion blog would consist of my good workout pants and a hoodie with minimal stains. Anyway!

My brother and his wife and two kids flew up from San Diego which meant my house was filled with cousins. I miss having family so close by and I know my kids have been missing their family as well. This was taken like five minutes after they arrived.

It was a good opportunity to recreate some photos: Boyz II Not Men.

My niece Isabella whispered into my ear, “Auntie Mona, can I have some makeup?” So I gifted her a spare Urban Decay smoky palette that I haven’t been able to get work for me and let her use my face as a canvas.

So gorgeous! So much better! Much wow!

She only put lipstick on 1/3 of my lips and eyeshadow on places that normally or ever have had eyeshadow but I was thankful for her artistry.

I made most of the dishes for Thanksgiving, except for the bowl of potato chips. I didn’t have enough room in my schedule to go back in time, learn about potatoes, plant some potatoes, figure out what chemicals make up the cheesy dust that has my kids addicted and perfect my mandolin skills for the perfect ruffled edge.

I facetimed with my mom and family back on Saipan which was fine except people kept leaving the screen and I had to talk to a chair. How’s it going chair?!

The turkey came out beautifully. It was seasoned and juicy and rich and perfect even though I use the same fish-shaped serving platter I’ve had since 2004. I don’t know what I would do without that platter because I bought it at a super discount because the cashier couldn’t find it in the system and let me purchase it for $12. I can’t swing that scam again!

I hope you ate and drank and laughed and played Friends trivia as much as we did. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Clowning and Celebrating the holidays with My Macy’s Holiday Parade


Yesterday, I ferried my family to downtown Seattle and into a hotel ballroom where Friday morning there will be hundreds of people dressing up for the 26th Annual My Macy’s Day Parade. While it’s not on the same level as the famous NYC one, it’s still an amazing feat with 700 volunteers gathering to kick off Macy’s holiday celebration and of course, wear some adorable, intricate and phenomenal costumes.

We got to preview calm before the holiday storm, racks and racks of costumes: Dalmatians! Cowboys! Lady bugs! Our parade guru Denise asked if my children wanted to try on a costume and I talked the child who can still be talked into these things–TJ–into wearing a clown costume. Nathan wanted to finish reading his book so I was happy to get any of my kids to do my bidding.

These moments of ultimate cuteness are so fleeting. I had to soak it up before he tells me to park one block away from school and not beep as I pass by and yell out, “I love you my lovey dovey!”

I really think that we should volunteer for next year’s parade, where we will be amongst the best of Seattle’s nonprofits–Boys and Girls clubs, Girl Scouts, and mothers who are trying to relish the last moments of their baby’s babyhood. Like me!

Behold the cutest clown that ever was! SERIOUSLY. If you are a parent or even have a heartbeat, you can agree, this is one cute clown.


The Friday parade kicks off the holiday celebration for Macy’s. Macy’s Santaland opens Friday night–a perfect time for photos!–along with the 60th Annual Great Star Lighting Ceremony At Macy’s Downtown Seattle. I know I need some Christmas joy and what better way to celebrate with the holiday professionals.

For more information on the parade and other events happening at Seattle Macy’s locations, please visit their website. And comment below on how cute my clown baby is. I am only accepting compliments!



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